Monday, December 10, 2007

- Jimmy Barnes -

Jimmy Barnes came to Broome!! It was an awesome night! I must admit I've never been totally into his music, mostly just Cold Chisel (you wouldn't be Australian if you didn't. ) However his performance at The Mangrove was amazing! Certainly proved he's come back from the brink! Well done Jimmy!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

- Rowley Shoals -

I've just completed 2 trips out the Rowley Shoals and it was truly unlike anything i expected. The visibility was 20 to 60 meters, the water temp tropical warm, the abundance of fish and colour was amazing, not to mention the dramatic reef/coral walls, swim throughs and snorkel drift channels! An underwater explorers dream!

(This Pic doesnt justify the colours or the visibility, but its still pretty good!)

The Shoals are a day's travel west out of Broome and consist of 3 coral atolls rising 400 meters from the ocean floor, on the edge of the continental shelf. We took 2 groups of enthusiastic scuba divers and snorkelers out to explore the reefs, with up to 4 dives a day! They saw sharks, endless tropical fish and coral.... there was always a hive of excitement back on board after every dive. I was lucky enough to get in my self and do a few dives! It was unlike anything I've seen. So untouched and pristine. My favourite was the cod hole at mermaid reef. Here i did a number of dives including a night dive! It was magical, fish schooling around you, sharks sleeping on the bottom. Inquisitive potato cod brushing past you, begging for a scratch or tickle!

(My friend the potato Cod)

If you ever get into scuba diving, put this at the top of your list, as its truly amazing and hopefully it remains that way for many years to come.

(This is Our last day on the last trip for the season)

I'd like to thank Ian and Lynn from the last trip for the help with the Photographs.