Monday, May 28, 2007

- An Update...

I know its been a while since you've seen a new addition to my blog...

Things have been fairly busy settling into the unit, going for drinks at sunset on the beach, playing beach volleyball on wednesday nights and of course working.

Noddy is doing very well having been appointed fleet sales coordinator at Shinju Nissan!
I have scored a new job on a cruise boat called the Great Escape, which ventures up the coast through the kimberley on 2 week voyages! Unbelievable opportunity deck hand and tour guide in one. I head out this friday. 2 weeks on and 1 off. and later in the year we visit the rowley shoals! Cant wait!!

So all is well here. have my cousin coming out from England for a couple of months which is goping to be great.. will update with photo's shortly... just thought i'd fill you all in on my lunch break.

Hope you are well and hope to hear from you soon.