Monday, December 10, 2007

- Jimmy Barnes -

Jimmy Barnes came to Broome!! It was an awesome night! I must admit I've never been totally into his music, mostly just Cold Chisel (you wouldn't be Australian if you didn't. ) However his performance at The Mangrove was amazing! Certainly proved he's come back from the brink! Well done Jimmy!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

- Rowley Shoals -

I've just completed 2 trips out the Rowley Shoals and it was truly unlike anything i expected. The visibility was 20 to 60 meters, the water temp tropical warm, the abundance of fish and colour was amazing, not to mention the dramatic reef/coral walls, swim throughs and snorkel drift channels! An underwater explorers dream!

(This Pic doesnt justify the colours or the visibility, but its still pretty good!)

The Shoals are a day's travel west out of Broome and consist of 3 coral atolls rising 400 meters from the ocean floor, on the edge of the continental shelf. We took 2 groups of enthusiastic scuba divers and snorkelers out to explore the reefs, with up to 4 dives a day! They saw sharks, endless tropical fish and coral.... there was always a hive of excitement back on board after every dive. I was lucky enough to get in my self and do a few dives! It was unlike anything I've seen. So untouched and pristine. My favourite was the cod hole at mermaid reef. Here i did a number of dives including a night dive! It was magical, fish schooling around you, sharks sleeping on the bottom. Inquisitive potato cod brushing past you, begging for a scratch or tickle!

(My friend the potato Cod)

If you ever get into scuba diving, put this at the top of your list, as its truly amazing and hopefully it remains that way for many years to come.

(This is Our last day on the last trip for the season)

I'd like to thank Ian and Lynn from the last trip for the help with the Photographs.

Monday, November 12, 2007

- Perth -

(My mummy and Me, Lancelin.)

I went back to cold ol Perth the other week to see my mum. We visited some old haunts of mine including Lancelin. Caught up with a few mates in Perth... etc here's a few memories

(Ella and Me)

- Cape Leveque -

(The awesome Red Cliffs! I never get tired of the sight)

Noddy and I recently took 4 days off to check out Cape Leveque, just north of Broome... We booked out a beach shelter over looking the beach. Spent our days snorkeling, fishing, swimming, enjoying the white sand and red cliffs. Visiting the local Aboriginal communities etc. It truely is an awesome place just to kick back and enjoy another unique part of Australia.

(Our little Beach shelter complete with fresh water shower!)

(The view from the shelter! Amazing hey!)

(Hunter creek where we went fishing, about 7kms up the beach from Cape Leveque)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

- A few Shots -

(Me, with hawksbill turtle on Montgomery Reef)

(Crew dress up onboard Great Escape)

(Check out these jaws!!)

(Hammerhead Shark approx 14ft)

(Baby Humpback Whale)

- Birthday cocktails -

(Meg and I enjoying a "few" cocktails at the sunset bar)

(Noddy and his new sunnies)


(Tonto and Nick)

(Nick and Meg)

Well a group of mates and i went out to celebrate my birthday the other week... It was an awesome night, starting with cocktails at sunset! We then did a mini pub crawl through Broome with bren and a few mates jumping a fence to get into a resort pool and another stripped off while on the nightrider bus... soo many laughs... no enough pictures... But i managed to get a few so check em out!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

- Red Cliffs, white sands -

(The awesome cliffs of James Price Point, just north of Broome)

On my week back we had our old buddy Duncan visit for a couple of days which was great. So Katie, Bren, Duncan and I went for a Sunday explore up the coast through Barred creek, right up to James Price Point which has the spectacular red earth cliffs falling away to white beaches and finally turquoise blue water…. What an awesome day, we set up shade on the beach and enjoyed a BBQ cooked on the back of the car.

(Katie, Lauren,Me,Bren and Tim at Oasis Nightclub)

Katie has left us back to the UK much to her disgust! She had a fantastic few months with Broome’s lifestyle getting right under her skin, so I'm sure she’ll be back!

(Katie Enjoying a beer at the local Brewery Matso's)

Just Another Day

It’s been such a whirlwind month that I’m a little behind on the blog… its been fantastic though.

Just near the Prince Regent River I finally caught a Barra on live bait. It was an awesome fight with the fish jumping 3 times and running itself under the anchor rope… I finally landed the 67cm Beauty! You little ripper!! And boy was it yummy!

I even had a go at shooting clay pigeons off the bow with the boats shotgun… no hits but plenty of fun!

Later along the trip we came across a pod of Humpback whales with their calves… it was incredible with them breaching right beside the boat!

The Kimberley is alight at the moment with bushfires everywhere; the smoke creates a haze which makes a beautiful sunset! Its amazing that all this is just another day on the job!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

- !!Congratulations!! -

Just a short note to say Congratulations to Michelle & Gregg on the birth of 'Keahna Michelle' on the 26th!

So sorry im not home to see her and miss you all very much!! xox

Sorry i tired to load up photo's but it wouldnt work.... will try again soon!

Monday, July 09, 2007

- Just Lately -

(The Great Escape pulled up alongside King Cascade's...Isn't she beautiful?)

Well I've just returned from another trip and again it was fantastic. However this time i was on the larger and newer of the company's boats.. The Great Escape... Its only slightly longer than the other and a catamaran.. providing more room and comfort complete with en suite bathrooms for the guests and a spa on the front deck! The passengers were great making it an enjoyable experience.

(Me taking a break while away on the trip)

While i was away Noddy was busy fishing with a friend and both managed to land meter plus Spanish Mackerels. Pretty impressive huh?? So the freezer is on overload!!

(Noddy and Brock with their catch!)

My Cousin Katy has also arrived from the UK while i was away. And she'll be staying with us for a couple of months. Which is great! We introduced her to some of the locals at the Crocodile park on the weekend which was a load of fun.

(Katy up close and personal with this youngster saltwater croc!)

Monday, June 18, 2007

- Dream Job -

(Raft Point, picture taken on walk back from an aboriginal art site.)

I’ve just returned from the first 2 week trip of my new job and it was bloody Amazing!! I am now a deckhand for the Great Escape Charter Company. They run 2 boats that cruise to the Kimberley on 2 week adventure trips, running between Broome and Wyndam.

I was really lucky to have such a wonderful first group of guests on board… and a fantastic crew to work with. They taught me so much and already I was taking guests out in the dinghies on fishing trips etc during my first week. Sometimes we travel overnight and therefore I’m required to watch keep, usually for only 2 hours, depending on how far we have to go. Its fairly easy just monitoring the radar, making sure we stay on course and have no risk of collision. The days are quite long… beginning most by 5am and finishing around 10pm.

(At Twin Falls on the Berkley River)

I’ve always wanted to explore the Kimberley, mainly due to its remoteness, history and beautiful scenery. And I found it was all that and more! Fishing a plenty, waterfalls, fresh water swimming holes and numerous aboriginal rock art sites… Places we visit include the Berkley, Drysdale, Prince Regent Rivers, King Cascades, Ruby Falls, Montgomery Reef etc. All are rich in wildlife, history and paintings making each day very different to the next.

Towards the end of the year we then charter out to the Rowley Shoals on diving, fishing and snorkelling trips. I can’t wait!

(Enjoying a fresh water waterhole at the back of King Cascades)

Monday, May 28, 2007

- An Update...

I know its been a while since you've seen a new addition to my blog...

Things have been fairly busy settling into the unit, going for drinks at sunset on the beach, playing beach volleyball on wednesday nights and of course working.

Noddy is doing very well having been appointed fleet sales coordinator at Shinju Nissan!
I have scored a new job on a cruise boat called the Great Escape, which ventures up the coast through the kimberley on 2 week voyages! Unbelievable opportunity deck hand and tour guide in one. I head out this friday. 2 weeks on and 1 off. and later in the year we visit the rowley shoals! Cant wait!!

So all is well here. have my cousin coming out from England for a couple of months which is goping to be great.. will update with photo's shortly... just thought i'd fill you all in on my lunch break.

Hope you are well and hope to hear from you soon.