Sunday, August 20, 2006

- Broome Cup -

(Broome Race Course, Obviously not taken by me...)

What a day!!! Dale and I both worked in the morning... which was lucky with the Race meeting kickin off around 1pm. After sprucin ourselves up in our best gear we headed for the races... A record crowd! $10 entry and we were amongst the action of horses, bright fashion, betting stakes and the buzz of drinking a "few" beers in the sun! With the cup race just about to start we all placed our bets and tried to squeeze through the excited crowd to get a view of the race... I managed to get placed third on a horse called "Our Big Paddy" so I picked up about $25! Our friends dad had a good win with placing a large amount on "Mercedario" who came first across the finishing line. We celebrated the win with I don't know how many $80 champange bottles while the sun went down over Cable Beach! The band started up and we made our way round to the Two Up Circle to try to pick up a few extra $$. It was good fun with a huge crowd, quite an eye opener if you've never been before. The amount of money exchanging hands is amazing, with many people placing $100 notes on either heads or tails! Ernie Dingo was there and flipped a few coins which was loved by all. I ended up about $60 up. We finally decided to head off on the last bus back into Broome to Oasis (Nightclub) Fun was had by all and i'm just glad i got the Sunday off to recover....
(Aaron, Daniel and Noddy, Celebrating the big win!)
(Dale and I, Dale's Holding up his big $10 win)

(Ernie Dingo flippin the coins at 2up)

(Dale much later in the night... stole a "bride-to-be's" Veil)

- Farewell -

("The Crew" the last time together!)

Just recently we said goodbye to Lewis and Lizzy, Chelsey, Simon, Mark and Allan. Who all will be sadly missed. During our stay in Broome these guys were our neighbours and good friends at our Caravan Park. We hang out together every afternoon after work, jammed together, partied etc.. They're all taking the trip north to Darwin which we wish we were joining! However work commitments have kept us here. Goodluck to them all and hopefully we'll cross paths again. Thankyou for making Broome all the more enjoyable!

(Mark loading up his gear)

(Simon packing his gear into "Mother")

(Final moments to be silly together... ah the momemories!)

- Open Jam Night @ Murphy's -

(This is part of the "crew" from Our campsite in Broome L-R Lewis, Tim, Lizzy, Mark and Me)

Every Tuesday night at Murphy's, (The small Irish Bar in Broome) is open Jam night. Where talented or not so talented musicians play on stage with those like minded in front of a small crowd. Its suprising the amount of people the night draws in. Not so long ago a group of us from our campground went down. Dale had a jam on the drums, with Mark finally getting up towards the end.. Tim even suprised us by jumping up with a rap! It was a great night out. It was good to catch up with my close friends Noddy, Aaron and Daniel who had come up for the Broome Cup later in the week.
(Mark playing guitar and Dale on drums.)

(Dale playing on the Drums with members of local band, Quiver)

(Daniel, Noddy and I at Murphy's)

(Aaron and Daniel)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

- Broome Friends, A Family -

Hey All, Well we've been in Broome a while now and I've slowly got this site up to date here is a few pics. We've got really good neighbours at camp at the moment. We get along really well and often catch up for drinks, dinner and a jam. Unfortunately they head off to Darwin this week, it'll be sad to see them go... Its been like a huge close family and I'll miss their company. Hopefully we'll catch them up later along the road. I'll get some more photo's up soon.
(This is the farewell for our German friend Penny(centered). It was quite spontaneous and a lot of fun!)
(We have been having regular beach gatherings with a fire. Here is my neighbours from camp having one of their many jam sessions. (L-R: Tim, Graham and Simon)
(Fire Twirling or Poi is a common scene on the traveling circuit. Here is one of the awesome displays from a recent party. I'm currently trying to learn.. Though I've never lit it up!!)

(This is Jamus, he's a Canadian free spirit who neighboured us at camp for 2 weeks. Very unique person who I'll remember forever, he played the bagpipes and I miss his company already!)