Monday, July 09, 2007

- Just Lately -

(The Great Escape pulled up alongside King Cascade's...Isn't she beautiful?)

Well I've just returned from another trip and again it was fantastic. However this time i was on the larger and newer of the company's boats.. The Great Escape... Its only slightly longer than the other and a catamaran.. providing more room and comfort complete with en suite bathrooms for the guests and a spa on the front deck! The passengers were great making it an enjoyable experience.

(Me taking a break while away on the trip)

While i was away Noddy was busy fishing with a friend and both managed to land meter plus Spanish Mackerels. Pretty impressive huh?? So the freezer is on overload!!

(Noddy and Brock with their catch!)

My Cousin Katy has also arrived from the UK while i was away. And she'll be staying with us for a couple of months. Which is great! We introduced her to some of the locals at the Crocodile park on the weekend which was a load of fun.

(Katy up close and personal with this youngster saltwater croc!)