Monday, June 18, 2007

- Dream Job -

(Raft Point, picture taken on walk back from an aboriginal art site.)

I’ve just returned from the first 2 week trip of my new job and it was bloody Amazing!! I am now a deckhand for the Great Escape Charter Company. They run 2 boats that cruise to the Kimberley on 2 week adventure trips, running between Broome and Wyndam.

I was really lucky to have such a wonderful first group of guests on board… and a fantastic crew to work with. They taught me so much and already I was taking guests out in the dinghies on fishing trips etc during my first week. Sometimes we travel overnight and therefore I’m required to watch keep, usually for only 2 hours, depending on how far we have to go. Its fairly easy just monitoring the radar, making sure we stay on course and have no risk of collision. The days are quite long… beginning most by 5am and finishing around 10pm.

(At Twin Falls on the Berkley River)

I’ve always wanted to explore the Kimberley, mainly due to its remoteness, history and beautiful scenery. And I found it was all that and more! Fishing a plenty, waterfalls, fresh water swimming holes and numerous aboriginal rock art sites… Places we visit include the Berkley, Drysdale, Prince Regent Rivers, King Cascades, Ruby Falls, Montgomery Reef etc. All are rich in wildlife, history and paintings making each day very different to the next.

Towards the end of the year we then charter out to the Rowley Shoals on diving, fishing and snorkelling trips. I can’t wait!

(Enjoying a fresh water waterhole at the back of King Cascades)