Saturday, September 16, 2006

- The VERY next day -

Yes I mean the very next day! Ha ha I woke to aching arms and sunburn, however just to top off my day of Sail Fishing out on WaveRider, I was asked back out on the boat to go Bottom fishing with some local blokes and a guy who flew over from QLD. I absolutely jumped at the chance... This is my day2 of awesome fishing!

(This is the first fish of the day, A Lovely Red emperor)

(This Travelly took forever to get up... He just kept pulling and pulling downwards! Not to mention my arms were killing me from yesterday... However not good for eating apparently so we threw him back!)

(I was a quiet achiever with this one, much to the other guys disgust! haha while the guys were all in a fix with tangled lines... I quietly brought this one on board.. You little beauty!!)

(Steve and I enjoying a beer or 3 on the drive back into Broome!)

(I decided it was only fair that with all my fishing I should bring something back to camp for a feed. So I cooked up my Red emperor in about 30 mins with garlic, lemon and a little butter! Yummo! It feed about 8 of us...)


(This is WaveRider, Steve's game fishing boat!)

I wont say much, because I think these photo's can tell the story! It was F^#%ing awesome! My boss's husband operates a local fishing charter business in Broome. Where he takes clients out on his BlackWatch 40 boat to go Game fishing! I went with another girl from work and lets just say it was a day i'll never ever forget.

(My arms are absolutely burning here! Its such a thrill to push yourself to haul the sail into the boat!)

(A sail jumping such an awesome scene!)

(I absolutely love this shot! A little unfocused but still unreal!)

(Wow! I mean HELL YEAH!! Over 2m long caught on 10kg line.. )

A Big thank you to Steve and his deckie Pav for a wonderful day.