Monday, October 06, 2008

- Mel & Lukes Wedding -

We've just returned from another whirl wind trip to Perth for Mel & Luke's wedding!! It was held in Geraldton, so we hired a car and spent a few extra days.

It was a beautiful garden wedding with the ceremony held near a little stream with a small bridge.... Mel arrived by horse drawn carriage... and She looked absolutely stunning!! Not to mention the rainbow bridal party!!

(The wedding cake was also rainbow!! just like out dresses!)

(AWW the lovely couple!)

(Carly, Mandy and I trying to get warm and out of the rain!)

(being whisked away be horse and carriage)

After a load of happy snaps it was a short walk to the reception area which had a bush theme with outdoor stage and Bonn fire... after a fine dinner and speeches a band played well into the night.. and to make the night a little more magical there were fire twirlers putting on an awesome show!

(Fire Show!!)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Dad & I have just jumped out this tiny tiny plane from 10,000 feet above Cable Beach!!
(Oh So SMALL!!!)
Just stepping out... was an unbelievable feeling!! and noisy!! But the view of the beach and the colour of the water was unreal i couldnt wipe the smile off my face!
I land way down there on the race track... somewhere down there is Noddy thinking im bloody Mad!!

Thumbs up to totally unreal experience!!

Got the video done as well... and thats awesome to watch, best part is when i come into land and Noddy & Scott have to run out of the way to avoid getting hit... Classic!

Dad loved it too... and you should see the photos, but thats another story!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

- Scotty Visits Broome -

Scott has come up to visit us for just over a week!! We've been out and about seeing the sites....

We went out to Malcolm Douglas's new wildlife park to see the Crocs at feeding time!

(Cant help but think scotty is a little scared...)

(A night out at local club Oasis)

And then made it out to the race course for ladies day!! Had a few wins then topped of the night with gaming tables and a few rounds of two up!

(Ready to Roll!!)

(The crowd from top balcony...)

(looking very pleased with the final winnings!! ....and a few under the belt!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

- Michelle & Gregg's Wedding -

(Looking a little nervous, waiting to go to the ceremony..)

We've just returned from yet another whirlwind trip to Perth for Michelle & Gregg's wedding! It was a beautiful day and Michelle looked absolutely gorgeous!! The reception was held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle. So we booked a room for a couple of nights to live it up in Style!!

(Sealing the deal, what a beautiful setting!)

After the garden ceremony we made our way to Cottesloe Beach for photo's and then onto the hotel.

(Damn sexy bridal party!)

I had an awesome night with not being able to recall anything after the cake was cut... Noddy & Aaron were also up to no good... encouraging guests to drink from the bottle! (Doesnt sound like them at all does it??)

(Noddy & Aaron, superstylin!)

Wishing Michelle & Gregg All the best for future! xoxox

(Captured this awesome shot on our flight home to broome... magical.)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

- Xmas in Perth -


We had an awesome time flying to perth for Chrissy!! Spending the morning at mums and then down to noddy's folks for the arvo! TOOO much food! but funn was had by all!

Also caught up with everyone which was good.. just went out in Northbridge. Fun times! fun Times...

(Scott, Noddy & Daniel)

New Year was spent back here in Broome with Meg & Nick!! Just chillin by the pool... as it was sooo steamy!!!