Saturday, September 16, 2006


(This is WaveRider, Steve's game fishing boat!)

I wont say much, because I think these photo's can tell the story! It was F^#%ing awesome! My boss's husband operates a local fishing charter business in Broome. Where he takes clients out on his BlackWatch 40 boat to go Game fishing! I went with another girl from work and lets just say it was a day i'll never ever forget.

(My arms are absolutely burning here! Its such a thrill to push yourself to haul the sail into the boat!)

(A sail jumping such an awesome scene!)

(I absolutely love this shot! A little unfocused but still unreal!)

(Wow! I mean HELL YEAH!! Over 2m long caught on 10kg line.. )

A Big thank you to Steve and his deckie Pav for a wonderful day.

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  1. Rufis you are a legend! Wish I was there with you mate!!!!

    Regards, mick ;-)