Thursday, September 13, 2007

- Red Cliffs, white sands -

(The awesome cliffs of James Price Point, just north of Broome)

On my week back we had our old buddy Duncan visit for a couple of days which was great. So Katie, Bren, Duncan and I went for a Sunday explore up the coast through Barred creek, right up to James Price Point which has the spectacular red earth cliffs falling away to white beaches and finally turquoise blue water…. What an awesome day, we set up shade on the beach and enjoyed a BBQ cooked on the back of the car.

(Katie, Lauren,Me,Bren and Tim at Oasis Nightclub)

Katie has left us back to the UK much to her disgust! She had a fantastic few months with Broome’s lifestyle getting right under her skin, so I'm sure she’ll be back!

(Katie Enjoying a beer at the local Brewery Matso's)

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