Wednesday, February 13, 2008

- Michelle & Gregg's Wedding -

(Looking a little nervous, waiting to go to the ceremony..)

We've just returned from yet another whirlwind trip to Perth for Michelle & Gregg's wedding! It was a beautiful day and Michelle looked absolutely gorgeous!! The reception was held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle. So we booked a room for a couple of nights to live it up in Style!!

(Sealing the deal, what a beautiful setting!)

After the garden ceremony we made our way to Cottesloe Beach for photo's and then onto the hotel.

(Damn sexy bridal party!)

I had an awesome night with not being able to recall anything after the cake was cut... Noddy & Aaron were also up to no good... encouraging guests to drink from the bottle! (Doesnt sound like them at all does it??)

(Noddy & Aaron, superstylin!)

Wishing Michelle & Gregg All the best for future! xoxox

(Captured this awesome shot on our flight home to broome... magical.)

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