Thursday, April 02, 2009

- YES on the move AGAIN!!! -

Well we’ve taken the first step. Completely moved out, sold most of our belongings, and sent to Perth a few boxes. What’s left just needs sorting and packing ready for our big, BIG Adventure!! Thats right, we’ve decided to hit the road again, go camping, fishing, 4wdriving; we are rough and ready to experience the great outdoors!!

First stretch to conquer is the mighty Gibb River Road, which stretches from just shy of Derby in the South/west to Wyndham / Kununurra in the North/East of Western Australia. However the “Gibb” is still closed due to the remaining water after the past wet season. A small wait which will enable us to get ultra prepared and have a few test trips (ie Easter) with the camping equipment and power/fuel consumption while running the Engel fridge.

To prepare the vehicle, we’ve invested in a Rhino Roof Rack. Mainly to carry the extra fuel we require and room for an additional spare tyre and anything else “essential” to make our trip all the more enjoyable. To the rack we’ve attached two pipes to store awning poles and fishing rods etc, to which we will be able to attach a small shade awning.

So we’re looking forward to hitting the dusty trails of OZ soon…

We'll keep you posted!!

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  1. I hope you & Brenny have a wonderful adventure, I shall be eager to see all your photos. I'm looking forward to coming up to darwin when you get there.
    love Mum xx