Monday, June 22, 2009

- V8's, Beer, Jimmy & The Presets! -

Darwin's Hidden Valley Race Track was home to Round 5 of the V8 Supercars....3 days of fast paced excitement, burnouts, boooze and bands! We seemed to have the hottest ticket in town, 3 days of racing, & 2 concerts with Jimmy Barnes & The Presets performing... all for just $70 Bucks!!

We decided to skip the Friday as we both had work & it was only the qualifying rounds, leaving us plenty of energy & beer money for the remain 2 days. Early Saturday afternoon we headed out to the track... the noise was incredible.. and fast!! We enjoyed a few races over a couple of beers and headed out to check out the merchandise ally and pit lane. The place was a hive of activity, with racing enthusiasts from all over the country!! After the days events had finished we stayed to enjoy Jimmy Barnes!! What a day.... and we still had Sunday to go!

On the Sunday Hidden Valley was buzzing!! Between races a fighter jet entertained the crowd by flying low over the track and doing stunt rolls with a deafening roar!! Burnouts and Stunts amped up the crowd.

Once all the racing was over... we waited close to the stage eagerly awaiting the Presets to perform. The crowd was intense, with a much younger crowd (than the Jimmy concert) jumping, screaming, singing & pushing to get a closer to the stage!! It was awesome!!

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