Sunday, November 22, 2009

- Bundy & Hervey Bay -

Our initial plan was to stop in at Bundaberg and see if we could pick up a few weeks work before heading down to Brisbane. We spent three days combing the newspapers, Internet and dropping our name into Harvest recruitment agencies. However it seemed we’d arrive at the end of the main Harvest and the beginning of the town’s quiet season. So the only thing we could do was jump back on the tourist trail and visit the Bundy Rum Distillery!

For $25 ea we took an hour tour of the Distillery, learning the processes and stages of creating Australia most loved Spirit. It was amazing… the tour was really well constructed with showing us the brewing process, the use of molasses, the HUGE American white oak vats, the bottling and finally the best part by far… the Tasting!!

Unfortunately for us, we were unable to bring cameras onto the tour… as they were eliminating the risks of a spark igniting the rum vapours and causing a massive fire. Which did happen once back 1907 putting rum production on hold for 4 years, could you imagine if that happened in today’s day and age? The country would be in uproar, considering Australia consumes 96% of the products, allowing only 4% to be exported. Talk about being Patriotic!!

Our next stop was the Bundaberg Barrel, home of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. This was also and interesting tour showing the process of making the famous brew. We also got the chance to taste a variety of different drinks at the end, including ones we hadn’t come across in the west.

(The Barrel, @ the Ginger Beer Factory.)

The following day we left Bundy, visiting the unusual and unidentified craters on our way out to Gin Gin. We then called in at Woodgate Beach and found a little park to have lunch… and it was filled with relaxing kangaroos! After plenty of photo’s and a stroll along the beach we pushed onto to Hervey Bay. Here was our second choice to stop and look for some work.

After a few days of searching, Bren got a job working for a 4WD Hire Company. However the conditions and hours were unfavourable so he decided it wasn’t for him and we began to plan our trip out to Fraser Island.

Big thank you to Herko & Wendie for letting us stay with you while we got ready for Fraser Island. It was so good to catch up with you both, remember there is always a place for you should you decide to come over to the West.

(The Unusual Craters on the way out to Gin Gin...What's your theory?...)

(Beautiful Woodgate beach... great spot for lunch!)

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