Monday, December 28, 2009

- Seasons Greetings -

We flew from Brisbane to Melbourne to travel across Victoria visiting Bren's family for Christmas. First we spent a wonderful few days with Bren's Pa in Rosebud out on the Mornington Peninsula and then together travelled 4 hours or so up into the heart of Victoria to Wangarratta to spend the days over Christmas with Bren's Family.

We also joined in with the family traditions of picking raspberries & blue berries on Boxing Day out at nearby historic Beechworth. I think more berries were eaten than picked! however we managed to get enough kilo's to make the yearly supply of Jam. We also went out to nearby Lake Buffalo for some water fun, being towed behind the jet ski which made for some spectacular stacks & crashes!

We reluctantly had to leave a few days later with another stop over in Rosebud before flying back to Brisbane.It was beautiful weather throughout and had a wonderful 10 days in Victoria.

It was a welcome change from being on the road and we're looking forward to catching up with the Victorians again later in the new year.To all the friends and Family we didn't get to see over the festive season. We wish you a very Merry Christmas & All the very Best for 2010.

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