Sunday, August 20, 2006

- Broome Cup -

(Broome Race Course, Obviously not taken by me...)

What a day!!! Dale and I both worked in the morning... which was lucky with the Race meeting kickin off around 1pm. After sprucin ourselves up in our best gear we headed for the races... A record crowd! $10 entry and we were amongst the action of horses, bright fashion, betting stakes and the buzz of drinking a "few" beers in the sun! With the cup race just about to start we all placed our bets and tried to squeeze through the excited crowd to get a view of the race... I managed to get placed third on a horse called "Our Big Paddy" so I picked up about $25! Our friends dad had a good win with placing a large amount on "Mercedario" who came first across the finishing line. We celebrated the win with I don't know how many $80 champange bottles while the sun went down over Cable Beach! The band started up and we made our way round to the Two Up Circle to try to pick up a few extra $$. It was good fun with a huge crowd, quite an eye opener if you've never been before. The amount of money exchanging hands is amazing, with many people placing $100 notes on either heads or tails! Ernie Dingo was there and flipped a few coins which was loved by all. I ended up about $60 up. We finally decided to head off on the last bus back into Broome to Oasis (Nightclub) Fun was had by all and i'm just glad i got the Sunday off to recover....
(Aaron, Daniel and Noddy, Celebrating the big win!)
(Dale and I, Dale's Holding up his big $10 win)

(Ernie Dingo flippin the coins at 2up)

(Dale much later in the night... stole a "bride-to-be's" Veil)

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  1. hey roofus, we all(me, craig, an me two bros) are sitting here laughin about dale an his little veil..... ha haha ha it suits him right down to a T
    ha ha ha