Friday, January 29, 2010

- A Calling To The Captial -

After exploring the Ambercrombie Caves we pushed on through the dry countryside down to the Australian Capital, Canberra. I suppose for any Australian travelling around the country it would be very UN Australian to drive on past. So to ease our minds and out of curiosity we headed into the nations capital.

Surprisingly, Canberra is just one large country town with all roads leading to Parliament House perched on top of Capital Hill. Fittingly all roads in are named after the states of Australia. With the Australian flag flying proudly on top of Parliament House as it loomed before us we took a few photo's before deciding to head inside for a look around.

Naturally we had to be security checked before we could look around and once this was done we pretty much has free reign to look around. The inside was just as impressive as the out. Marble columns and grand staircases guide you to the upper levels to peek into the chambers & walk around the public galleries. We even took the lift up to the roof to see the amazing views of the city and across to the war memorial.

(The foyer, after security checks.)

('Yes, Mister Speaker'.... a glimps inside the chambers.)

(The view from the roof, looking over to the War Memorial.)

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