Friday, February 05, 2010

- Bush Ranger Country -

From Canberra we continued on further south stopping overnight just short of the Victorian border. The following morning shortly after crossing the border we called into the original Ettamogah Pub, which was first created by cartoonist Ken Maynard. It was quite interesting to explore around the famously quirky pub, including the museum of some of Ken's comics.

We continued on to Wangaratta, where we stopped in again with Bren's Family for a week. We thoroughly enjoyed their company and it gave us a chance to service the car and take a look around the surrounding towns. One day we drove out to Bright, situated along the Alpine drive near Mount Buffalo. It was a beautiful little town and would be very busy during the winter with a number of ski resorts in the nearby mountains. On the way back from Bright we made a detour into Beechworth.

Beechworth very unique and is Australia's best preserved gold rush town, complete with colonial buildings and rich history. For some they visit for its amazing bakery or the local sweet company, however for many others they come to learn more about Australia's most famous bush ranger Ned Kelly who used to frequent the local pubs and lived with his family in nearby Greta.

(Statue outside the old Beachworth Bank, surprisingly one that Ned didn't rob!)

As the week came to a close we said goodbye to the Parker Family and continued south to Glenrowan. Here is another place famous in the history of Ned Kelly. It is home to the site of the Glenrowan Siege where Ned and his gang had their final shoot out with the Victorian police which eventually led to Ned's capture. Today the town survives on the legacy of the country's most known bush ranger with a number of museums & souvenir shops. It was quite intriguing and we decided to find out more once we arrived in Melbourne.

We travelled further south along the Hume Hwy, eventually arriving in Coburg just north of the city to book into a caravan park before nightfall.

(One of the few photo's on record of Ned Kelly.)

(The massive and imposing statue in Glenrown, home of the 'Last Stand' made by the Kelly Gang.)

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