Sunday, August 20, 2006

- Open Jam Night @ Murphy's -

(This is part of the "crew" from Our campsite in Broome L-R Lewis, Tim, Lizzy, Mark and Me)

Every Tuesday night at Murphy's, (The small Irish Bar in Broome) is open Jam night. Where talented or not so talented musicians play on stage with those like minded in front of a small crowd. Its suprising the amount of people the night draws in. Not so long ago a group of us from our campground went down. Dale had a jam on the drums, with Mark finally getting up towards the end.. Tim even suprised us by jumping up with a rap! It was a great night out. It was good to catch up with my close friends Noddy, Aaron and Daniel who had come up for the Broome Cup later in the week.
(Mark playing guitar and Dale on drums.)

(Dale playing on the Drums with members of local band, Quiver)

(Daniel, Noddy and I at Murphy's)

(Aaron and Daniel)

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