Sunday, August 20, 2006

- Farewell -

("The Crew" the last time together!)

Just recently we said goodbye to Lewis and Lizzy, Chelsey, Simon, Mark and Allan. Who all will be sadly missed. During our stay in Broome these guys were our neighbours and good friends at our Caravan Park. We hang out together every afternoon after work, jammed together, partied etc.. They're all taking the trip north to Darwin which we wish we were joining! However work commitments have kept us here. Goodluck to them all and hopefully we'll cross paths again. Thankyou for making Broome all the more enjoyable!

(Mark loading up his gear)

(Simon packing his gear into "Mother")

(Final moments to be silly together... ah the momemories!)


  1. hey roofus doofus "sun burn country" hey???? a land of sweeping plains..
    Be f*cked if i know what to write i just seen that no one left any comments so i wanted to be the first. Ha ha ha anyways hope ya havin fun talk to ya later..
    love from shell gregg ella an lachy...

  2. Hey Guys thanx for the messege! Yeah having a wonderful time. Keep in touch. Love Ruthie xxx

  3. Hey dude, awsome to see the pics, could you email me the full size ones please cheers dude.
    also done my web page again with some vid clips and morepics check em out

  4. hey hey!!
    its chels, im back in sunny england and it actually is sunny, been gd weather which is a bonus. hope ur all doin well and missin u all alot. lovin the pics (i shoulda copyrited my ones lol) just wonderin if u could email me as many pics as u can from our day out with jaemous, some of them were really gd. thankyou for sendin my passport, would have been stranded in aus otherwise. hope ur all well and safe!
    email me and keep me up dated

  5. A rare day of in Alberta, Western Canada working 80 hours a week building houses surfing the oil boom, but missing surfing on real waves with people of rare awesomeness. Seeing the 'farewell', when everyone was going was tantamount to hearing a song of forgotten orogin played out of nowhere off of a radio. What a trip! The disapora continues, Darwin, Fiji, London, Asia, Australia, Canada, yet when dancing back to the befores, what goes around the globe, surely does come back around somewhere. Sometime, maybe stop by my country for some tea home made honey and gingerbeer and midnight swimming.

    your buddy
    jamus mac donald