Saturday, January 27, 2007

- Aussie Aussie Aussie -


Australia Day this year was fantastic! Noddy, Jules and I went out on our friend Duncan's boat to celebrate and see the fireworks on the Swan River. Apart from the day reaching over 40 C! It was awesome.

The Aussie spirit was so alive... there were flags, boxing kangaroos, water bombs, party boats, bbq's and plenty of beer! Fun was had by all, we had to jump into the river to cool off throughout the day.

(I cant believe this shot worked out....)

The city of perth put on a air show with old war planes doing acrobatics which was fantastic. Then the fireworks kicked off... spectacular!! It was amazing viewing it from the water (a first for me) and the soundtrack the local radio station put together was really good.

(One of many awesome explosions of colour above the river)

So to all Australians.... HAPPY AUSSIE DAY!!

(Noddy getting into the true Aussie spirit.)

(Jules enjoying a refreshing Aussie beer after a swim in the river.)

(Jules and I )

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