Monday, January 08, 2007

- A boggy windy weekend -

This past weekend Noddy and i decided to camping just north of Two Rocks. Throughout the week we planned what to bring.... what food to spoil ourselves with... and what beach activities to indulge in. By the weekend we were quite excited to get going, once we packed the car and finally hit the sand tracks up from Two Rocks in search of an ideal camp spot.

We set off late afternoon... its amazing how you can fill your day with daylight savings! Bumping over sandy tracks, sometimes with really soft sand or a rather steep sand dune was en counted and needed a second attempt with a little run up! It was quite fun.

Heading north we came across a few ideal spots to camp, although still rather close to Two Rocks and high up in the dunes. So we decided to head along a track dad and i explored with the Rhino some weeks before. What a mistake!! or rather a learning adventure! The sand was so soft! The track came out onto the beach... the ideal spot nestled between the dunes was already taken by some keen fisherman so after letting the tyres down we drove down the beach a little way to in search of a camp....SOFT as... we came up to a embankment, which forced me to drive up into the softer sand... and my car didn't like it... she slowed right down to a crawl and eventually stalled.. i tried to reverse and get a run up... however with the sand so soft it wouldn't allow for enough speed! We weren't going anywhere... on the second attempt to reverse the softness of the sand pulled the front wheels on an angle and she bogged right down... BUGGER! This wasn't supposed to be the relaxed beginning to our camping weekend!!

(It isnt really that bad, though i kept a close eye on the tide!)

We had to let the tyre pressure down to a low 10! and some guys camped near by came and helped us dig the sand out and pushed the car backwards a fair distance to get back onto reasonably harder sand. I rang dad and he was on his way out to help just in case we couldn't get out... Ain't he the best? By this time the sun was beginning to set and we were completely over looking for a camp, so once out of the boggy mess we settled for a high flat spot we had seen on the way in.

(We were camped closer to the point up in the dunes... a lovely view!)

The sea breeze was howling, but we managed to get the tent up and stable... Just caught the last glimpse of the sun setting and a relaxing drink before snoring into the night!

The next morning we moved the tent a little way down from where we were in order to get extra protection from the dunes when the breeze returned in the afternoon. We put up some shade and got into the days activities... swimming, walking along the beach... gorging ourselves in camp cooking! it was great!

(This is our "second" camp, comfortable with shade and a great viewing point for sunset!)

(Sunset... was lovely. As they always are!)

We had a wonderful time... a little shaky to begin with, but really enjoyed getting away and doing something a little more adventurous... and we certainly got that!

(Noddy and I playing around while waiting for the sun to set.)

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