Friday, September 11, 2009

- Cooktown -

(Spectacular views from Archer Point.)

Just out of Cooktown we called in to Archer Point for a look. Many tracks lead us to secluded little beaches; however the highlight was definitely the lighthouse which offered spectacular views of the now rugged coastline. It was bloody windy and gave us an insight to what it must’ve been like for Captain James Cook back in 1770 when the Endeavour hit a reef not far offshore from where we were standing!!

We spent a couple of days in Cooktown, taking in the sights and taking in some of the historical significance of the area.

We drove to the top of Grassy Hill, here we learnt that Capt. Cook climbed the hill everyday to survey the river mouth and find a clear passage north for the Endeavour to sail after repairs were carried out on its damaged hull.

(View of Endeavour River, Cooktown.)

(Lighthouse, Grassy Hill, Cooktown.)

(Monument making the spot where Capt. James Cook beached the Endeavour for repairs, June 1770.)

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