Sunday, February 21, 2010

- The Nullarbor Plain -

Imagine a stretch of road over 1200kms long, linking the East to the West. With nothing more than a few conveniently placed roadhouses to help you continue on your way. The country side is remote, barren, almost waterless, windy with very little bushland in sections. If you haven't travelled the Nullarbor before this may only begin to paint the picture. However some find it extremely boring due to its length, but most find it a mix of boring and intriuge, due to the questions you find yourself asking while taking on this driving marathon. Like how can people live out here? or how does anything survive out here? What happens if we breakdown?

We set off from Ceduna, unsure how far we were going to drive on the first day. It was extremely windy and after 2 days on the beach all we really wanted was a shower! We called into Penong first, how ever the wind had turned it into a complete dustbowl and decided to push on a little further. Eventually calling into Nundroo where we fueled up and paid $2 for a shower to freshen up. We thought about stopping here but still the wind was kicking up some dust which would've made a very unpleasant afternoon.

(Nundroo Roadhouse.)

The Kilometers rolled passed and eventually we reached the signage of the treeless plain. The Nullarbor Plain, is the largest single sheet of limestone in the world covering over and area of 200,000 sq kms. It is pretty amazing, the sheer realisation that there is nothing else out there. It also hits you that if you break down, there is a LONG WAY to go to get fixed... But thankfully nothing happened and we enjoyed the wonder of crossing "The Plain".

Further along we called into lookouts of the Great Australian Bight, to get some photo's of the amazing coastline. However a few sites had been closed off as the erosion of the cliffs has been cutting away chunks of the coast all the way into the car parks!We arrived into the WA/SA Border village and pulled up for the night. Our last night in South Australia, we drove just over 600kms and looked forward to crossing over into home territory the following morning.

We rose early.. thinking we were still on SA time, fuelled up, went through the Quarantine check point and crossed into Western Australia. It's a weird feeling seeing "Welcome to Western Australia" and finally the realisation hits, we're coming home! We still had a long way to go and immediately the scenery started to change. We constantly passed road trains in both directions, travellers in their brightly coloured wicked vans, caravans and motor homes. The other thing that sticks in our mind is the road kill, poor kangaroos... too many were getting in the way of the massive trucks which are unable to stop! It was absolute carnage!

(The Border crossing...)

We eventually arrived in Norseman marking the end of the Eyre Highway, the end of the drive across the Nullarbor. We were still making good time and decided to drive the rest of the way into Esperance! That's a total 950kms in one day!!

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