Friday, February 12, 2010

- A step into South Australia -

Crossing the border into South Australia was marked by a single sign, which we would've missed if it wasn't for the picture of vivid colours. against the dry country. Mount Gambier our first destination in South Australia, is like the diamond in the rough... its name sake arises on the horizon and is created by volcanic activity many millions of years ago. Also throughout the region several craters and sinkholes make up a unique draw card to the town. Most famous of these is the Blue Lake. In the summer, the lake takes on a vibrant blue colour which is just amazing to see.

The sinkholes were also spectacular, created by the roof of a cave collapsing in. One sinkhole has been turned into a display garden and just has to be seen to believed. A staircase takes you into the base for a better view and the gardens are amazing...

(Sinkhole garden.)

We continued along the limestone coast calling into the seaside towns for a look. Eventually we were amongst what is known as The Coorong, a fragile stretch of coastline, with salt lakes, bird life and wetlands. We stopped to learn a little about the history of the area, learning that in 1850's the Chinese travelled from Adelaide en route to Victoria during the gold rush. Passing through the area in search of water. Once they located water they built a well and carved a slab of sandstone out of the ground for the final lid.... it was amazing what they achieved. The lid weighs about 1,100kgs and they had to move it 900m and then lift it into position.

(Big Crayfish,Kingston.)

(A view at Robe.)

(Chinaman's Well, note the lid.)

We drove further long the Coorong, and eventually made our camp amongst the dunes over looking one of the salt lakes. The sunset was amazing, marking another wonderful day exploring the countryside.

(Sunset over the Coorong.)

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