Saturday, July 15, 2006

- Exmouth -

Drove into Exmouth and set up camp, spoiled our selves by going out for seafood dinner and lots of wine!! Rained over night & woke to have Trendy floating in water!! Later at about 7am the caravan park staff advised us to pack up camp because we were going to get flooded out.
lovely! It was still pelting down and we managed to pack everything in the car pull down the tent in knee deep water and get to a dry place.. How nice for our first night in beautiful Exmouth!

(Dale walking towards me through the water with the soaking tent about his shoulders.)

The next day was mainly drying everything out and resetting up camp in higher and drier ground. A break in the weather the next day allowed us to get round to the Cape Range National park to explore and snorkel at turquoise bay! It was wonderful, the amount of fish and colour of the reef was amazing we swam with reef sharks and followed a small turtle for ages! On the Friday we booked a fishing charter! It was great, 5 customers in total and 2 crew on a 26ft boat. I was the only girl.. In a debatable "man's world. We trawled out with each having the chance to land a light game fish. Dale landed a lovely Spanish mackerel! As did another guy on the trip but his was a whopping 1.5metres long weighing in just over 20 kg!

(Dale looking very proud of his Spanish mackerel!)

Once about 20 mile out we bottomed fished with handlines... For ages it seemed like I wasn't going to catch a fish.. With dale and the others landing sweet lip snapper, large Rankin cods, etc. Just after 11 we (set off on the trip about 7) I landed a beautiful coral trout!! About 75cm what a fight it was! The crew said the flesh would cost $50 to $60 a kg in the shops! After a few more sweet lip snapper and spangled emperor were landed we headed back in with Trendy and I left to catch a light game fish from trawled All of a sudden I was on.. The rod was screaming the boat was in a frenzy and I somehow managed to get the rod in the belt and began to wrestle with this monster on the end of my rod which was now bent right over with weight and force. After what seemed ages and burning arms I had landed a fucking big yellow fin tuna! I was beaming ear to ear!

(Me, Beaming ear to ear with my yellow fin tuna.)

Shortly after getting the lures out and increasing speed we were back on! Trendy was up there reeling in another monster... Dale managed to get the awesome fight on video with Trendy landing a Spanish mackerel around a meter long!

Once back on shore and dividing the days catch we headed back to camp, exhausted and dying for a beer. That night we cooked up the coral trout in the camp kitchen amongst a bunch of backpackers eating 2 minute noodles and hovering around the hot plate... We stuffed ourselves... The whole coral trout... YUMMY! We ended up staying 5 days in Exmouth, even though the weather wasn't at its best, we had a great time!

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