Saturday, July 15, 2006

- Mud Crab -

If you haven’t tried it, you definitely should. Though I don’t recommend buying one… having a meal of mud crab is a more enjoyable experience if you catch one yourself, cook it up and make a complete mess devouring every last bit!

Though we unfortunately didn’t catch this one…it was just freshly caught by a man we kindly gave a lift to. (So he could fetch his car and boat trailer from another jetty) And so we cheated a little, but it still makes a good story. He gave us one of his 8 mud crabs he just caught for our trouble… Yummo!

Mud crab obviously live in the mud, especially in the mangrove systems found around Broome. They can be quite a lot bigger than this. But you have to be VERY careful of their claws. Something like that could cut your toes clean off!

You can cook mud crab a few different ways… some like chilli mud crab, but with our limited space and equipment we boiled ours. Bring a saucepan to the boil with a little salt or vinegar, pop the crab in and once back to the boil, time for 12 minutes. I’m sure this method differs greatly (which we’ve later discovered) and is usually up for discussion.

It quite a sweet meat and very filling! This one was enough for lunch for 3 people! I’d recommend everyone to try it.

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