Saturday, July 15, 2006

- World Heritage -

(This photo is taken on Shell Beach on the drive up to Denham. The Shells reproduce at a rapid rate and are believed to be 20 to 30 feet deep on the beach.)

The rain followed us up the coast to Denham (Shark Bay) which is where we spent our next night.We decided to rough it in the Frances Peron National Park at a place called Big lagoon and try to catch a few fish.

(This is the view out of our tent, surprisingly good weather at the time of the photo. It rained most of the night.)

(Fishing wasn't that successful as you can see! haha this is my first fish I caught on my new rod.)

Fishing wasn't that successful so rather staying another night we departed and headed for Hamelin Pool which is a World Heritage listing for the Stromatolites (living fossils) that are found in the bay. They are believed to be over 3 billion yrs old!!

(This is a close up photo of the Stromatolites, which are supposed to look even more strange at a lower tide. The same living organism's have been found in rocks believed to be the oldest on the planet.)

(This photo above is from the boardwalk that is suspended over the Stromatolites to protect them. What a lovely sunset to end the day.)

(This is our basic overnight camp at the old telegraph station near Hamelin Pool.)

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