Saturday, July 15, 2006

- Karajini National Park -

(one of the lovely gorges we explored through!)

(Spectacular red escarpment of the Pilbra region.)

(The scenery during the 2km walk down to Circular Pool, what a contrast in colour.)

Next stop was over a 600km journey into Karajini NP! It was awesome... the colours of the red rock and the abstract like formations. We did a number of walks and the last being the best with a swim at circular pool... a crystal clear water hole at the base of red cliffs in the middle of nowhere with ferns and waterfalls... what a relaxing place to swim and end the day.

(Battle of the red bull dust... it gets into everything as you can see, this is my back window.)

(Beautiful Circular Pool, which is apart of Dales Gorge. We swam here in the afternoon, very cold water! We had to get under the waterfalls to warm up!! what a magical place!)

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