Friday, October 20, 2006

- Broome to Windjana -

(Windjana Gorge... )

Well ,we’ve finally moved on from Broome, with my car being fully loaded with gear for 4 ppl and the swags had to be tied to the roof! Tim, Graeme, Dale and I headed off in pursuit of a 2 week adventure to Darwin.

Our first night was spent out at Windjana Gorge which is just off the notorious Gibb River Road in the Kimberley. A beautiful spot, with high sandstone walls and rich colours of reds, yellows and greys, which look amazing in the light of the setting sun. Dinner was coral trout, saved from a recent fishing adventure! What a way to begin!

(L-R: Graeme, Me and Tim. Exploring the banks along the gorge.)

(One of over 70! resident Freshwater Crocodiles)

(The colours on the sandstone were amazing in the sunset light.)

(Preparing our Coral Trout Dinner! Yummo... this is the life!)

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