Friday, October 20, 2006

- Waterfalls -

(This is Florence Falls! It was just a 5 min walk from our camp.... )

(Mighty Termite mounds are dotted around the landscape... they can get bigger that this one!)

I think Litchfield NP has been a highlight of the trip to Darwin. We spent 3 wonderful days exploring water falls, cascading over tall rock ledges lined with ferns, palms and ancient trees falling into deep plunge pools filled with inquisitive little fish! We also ventured through an old homestead. We ate like kings but most of our time was spent amongst the waterfalls, the water was like velvet to swim through. It was amazing. In the evening we entertained ourselves with tasty food and scaring off wild pigs and trying to squash a cane toad or 5!

(Dale enjoying a free massage from Mother nature!)

(Ah... this is the life... swimming in this water was like velvet... until a little fish nibbles at your toes!)

(In honour of our Canadian friend Jamus, we spoiled ourselves with pancakes on the last morning! Thanx Jamus for the maple syrup!)


  1. hey guys!!! its so strange to see you all standing in the exact same spots we were in months ago... looks like ur havin an amazin trip, and although im happy for you all im very jealous that im back home and the weather is turning worse everyday. tim has more hair!!! time has flown lol. the gibb river is beautiful isnt it, litchfield was amazing to. how are you all liking darwin? like youve said the markets have such an atmosphere to them dont they.
    well as its a friday night here, no moretrips 2 have a beach party, im off down the pub! wow i need to start saving up 2 complete my amazing trip to australia.... email me whan u have time ruth, its
    love you all, miss you all
    chels xxx

  2. Hi Guys, I'm still folowing your travels and seeing this great country through your eyes and great descriptions. I hope I can see it with you sometime soon.
    All the best to the gang, love you heaps and give Dale a hug 4 me.