Friday, October 20, 2006

- The Grotto & Kununurra -

On the drive towards Kununurra we stopped the night at a place called The Grotto. I know what you’re thinking “why on earth would we stay at a place called that” We arrived late so we set up camp in the dark leaving the mystery of the place til the morning.. Up at sunrise, with our swimming gear on, we rushed down the deep beautiful swimming hole that we had all to ourselves.. a rope strung from a tall tree provided a challenge and entertainment. What a relaxing way to begin the day and with a short drive into Kununurra.

(Graeme jumping out to the rope at The Grotto.)

Kununurra was a welcomed break from the road and chance to clean ourselves up and check out the sites. Tim met up with friends in town who invited us all out onto their boat to have sunset drinks on the mighty Ord River! We spent mornings trying to catch Barramundi just off the dam. Dale managed to catch 3 although all too small to keep! On our final day we drove out to the local Rum distillery called the Hoochery. It was an interesting place and we all indulged in the $1 a shot taste testing! They also produce liquores, cane spirit and ouzo. By the time we left the guys had a rosy glow on and were great entertainment as we crossed the border into the Northern Territory!

(A big thankyou to Tim's friends Peter and Anne invited us out in their boat to explore the Ord River! The bats here are amazing taking off at sunset.)

(Dale caught this Barra one morning off the Kununurra Dam! Too small to keep though.)

(This is us outside the Hoochery... I think this experience will be remebered by all!)

(Yes well..... What can i say, the peanut factory strikes again!)

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