Friday, October 20, 2006

- Rock Art & Cane Toads -

(Compared to my travels here last year, i've never seen so many cane toads!Tthe buggers are invading!!)

(The "Blokes" celebrate swimming in the waterfalls at Edith Falls... 'Ah the serenity')

Driving on into the Northern Territory we saw the landscape change and the weather getting warmer. Our first stop was just out of Katherine at a place called Edith Falls. It’s a huge plunge pool 150m across to a small waterfall. It was a beautiful place to stay and in the morning we walked a 2.6km loop to visit the upper falls.

From Edith falls we ventured north to Kakadu NP beginning with a swim in yet another waterfall! We checkout Cahill’s Crossing, which crosses the East Alligator River into Arnhem Land, to try and spot the saltwater crocs and try fishing for barramundi (loads of bites). We camped nearby and tried again in the morning with me landing one on the first cast!! Much to guy’s disgust! Although too small to keep, they need to be 55cm in length and over. We pulled ourselves away to soak up some local culture exploring the local rock art site Ubirr. Some of Australia’s oldest Aboriginal rock art is found here. It was amazing.

We drove out off Kakadu towards Litchfield National Park, being sure to stop into the Bark Hut (a popular NT Bar) once the cheeks were red rosy again we drove off to a new adventure at Litchfield NP.

(My Barra, caught first cast of the morning... sheila's luck the guys say!)

(Over looking the wetlands at Ubirr in Kakadu... this area is in a scene from "Crocodile Dundee")

(Viewing some of the Aboriginal rock Art...)

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