Tuesday, November 14, 2006

- 50yrs @ Curtin Springs -

(The historic entrance to Curtin Springs station...)

Curtin Springs is a special place to me, as I worked there on my last trip for 7 months and fell in love with the place. It’s home to the Severin Family, with 4 generations now living and working there.

(Pete Severin and I catching up with a big hug...)

The week we visited was their 50th Anniversary of running the station and what an awesome celebration it was! We arrived early and helped prepare food etc for the big weekend. People travelled from around the globe to visit and help celebrate such a wonderful place.

(Dale and I were invited to ride the quad bikes out to the saltlakes on the Station.)

(Mount Conner! Truely amazing... its 3 times bigger than Ayres Rock aroun the base... and just 4ft shorter...)

Mount Conner is also on the station which often gets mistaken for Ayres Rock. Uncle, the resident tour guide has a bush camp at its base. So on the Sunday we all drove out to have a hearty breakfast on the bbq.

(This is Uncles mean looking BBQ which cooked up our dinner and Breaky over the celebration.)

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