Tuesday, November 14, 2006

- Happy Birthday Dale -

A while back I asked dale what he wanted to for his birthday. “I dunno, you can plan it if you like” was the reply. So I set to thinking... “Can I plan anything I want?” I asked “Sure go ahead” said dale not thinking much of it…

“You’re going to climb Ayres Rock for your birthday, but there’s a catch”…. “you have to climb it wearing a dress!” after much thought and persuasion I convinced Dale that this would not only be an entertaining way to celebrate, but a way not to forget his 22nd birthday in a hurry!

So while we were in Darwin I visited the local op shop a picked out a lovely purple number… I think it was quite a tame selection… considering I was basing it on the Australian Film “Pricilla Queen of the Desert”, however I couldn’t find a wig!

Not to worry, on the morning of Dale’s B’day (the day we left Curtin Springs) I convinced him to do a dress rehearsal, just in case the rock climb was closed. “I can’t put on a dress without a drop of Alcohol in my system” Dale claimed … so I cracked a beer for the birthday boy at 8:30am and made him walk around the station with me saying our goodbyes! It was quite entertaining!

(The mighty Ayres Rock.... doesnt really look that big till yoiur right up beside it.)

We finally headed off to the rock, grabbed a few supplies and drove round to the Massive rock… the climb was open and after a few moments thought we began the hike to the summit. Dale in his dress of course!

(A Quick photo to show we are still friends... haha arent i evil?)

(Dale stretches before the climb...)

The beginning of the climb is quite steep; luckily there is a chain to help you because you feel the pressure in you ankles! Once the chain stops you’re about half way to the top.

(Only the beginning of the climb.. steep already!)

The views are amazing and once at the top you can see all the way back to Mount Conner on the horizon! After a few pics and phone calls we made our decent… which can be a bit tricky… hurts your knees after a while… but it was worth it. Dale in the dress was a great conversation starter on the rock when passing other tourists… he often said “Its ok, your not hallucinating, I am a bloke in a dress”

(Finally at the top...!!! Well done!)

A cock in a frock on a Rock – what a day to remember!

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  1. HaHaHaHaHaHa thanks mate! I always knew your were the kind of friend i could rely on to put pictures of me IN A DRESS!!! on the internet. But still it was a day im sure i'll never forget :) Thanks for so many great times. Love, your mate Dale (the cock that was in the frock on the rock).