Tuesday, November 14, 2006

- Darwin to Alice Springs -

(Mataranka Thermal Pool, crystal clear and 34C!)

We left Darwin heading south and passed through Mataranka which is famous for its thermal springs. The area is also the setting for the Aussie classic story, “We of the Never Never”. Took a dip in the thermal pools although the water is 34C, it was nice to take a break.

We pushed on to reach the famous NT pub, Daly Waters for the night. Its claim to fame is that it’s the oldest pub in the Territory. It’s filled with Australian humour and memorabilia from wild nights and should be a stop for any passing traveller!

(The unusual decoration of the Daly Waters Pub, you find yourself constantly expoloring the walls! Driver licences, underwear,stickers, hats etc)

The next morning we continued south, stopping off in Tennant Creek for lunch. We then explored the Devils Marbles which are a strange sight! Giant boulders scatter the landscape and look as though a slight nudge will send them rolling down the slopes! I tried, but there was no moving the massive pebbles! Stopping the night at Wauchope had us mixing with the locals for a “few” beers before driving into Alice the following day.

(The Devils Marbles are unbelieveable!...and not to mention huge!)

(Here's me trying to make these balancing beauties budge.... not a chance!)

Alice Springs was quite busy and we decided to stay 4 nights, giving us time to explore the town and chill out before the next stage of the trip. We visited the reptile centre which was awesome, stopped into the famous pub Bo Jangles and also went to Lasseter’s Casio for a free concert.

(Dale getting up close and personal with the locals!)

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