Tuesday, November 14, 2006

- Trip Home -

From the Rock we drove west... stopping the night on the border to Western Australia at Docker River. Setting off a little earlier than expected the next day due to the time change. We drove all day and managed to get our FIRST blow out tyre 600km from Laverton. We kicked on past Laverton and camped just north of Kalgoorlie, amongst rain and very close lightening storm... i ended up sleeping in the car!! The next day we drove through to Home... though they didnt know we were comming!

The suprise worked out as planned, Dale phoned his folks and was discussing his "flight" home from Ayres Rock... "just as his mum asked what time he needed pick up at the airport.. we drove up to the front door and started beeping the horn.... A few seconds to register and Dales folks came rushing out to greet us... they had no idea!

Its good to be home... still trying to get used to the weather, still feels a little cold though it wont be lfor long as summer is just around the corner.

A huge thankyou to Dale for joining me on this trip.. i hope you enjoyed it buddy!!

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