Tuesday, November 14, 2006

- The West Macs -

(Ellery Creek, so deep we couldnt touch the bottom!)

Once we topped up on supplies we moved on from Alice heading west out into the West Macdonald Ranges. They’re magnificent in colour and full of gorges and places to explore. We spent the night at Ellery Creek which is the biggest waterhole along the ranges. The young dingo cubs were friendly and we got a spot of rain.. and went for a swim, it was so cold! Not what you’d expect in central Australia!

The next day we visited the ochre pits with colours in red, yellow, white and brown… its amazing how vibrant the ochre is.

(Dale gets creative with yellow ochre...)

Further west we swam at Orminston Gorge and then had a Beer at Glen Helen Gorge before heading up to camp the night near Red Bank Gorge.

(Check out the view from our camp at Redbank Gorge!...)

The following day we drove into Hermansberg to reach Palm Valley. Its home to over 1200 rare red cabbage palms that tower against the red cliffs. It was beautiful, though quite a lot of visitors…

The next day was a 155km drive around the Mereenie Loop to check out Kings Canyon. We tackled the 6km walk in just over 2 hours and the views were truly amazing! The rock has fallen away in places to leave a very flat face to the canyon walls… and the colours are unreal.
(On the Edge at Kings Canyon!)
We checked into Kings Creek Station for the night, which was lucky as it poured down! Though the lightening show was amazing and Dale managed to capture some awesome shots…

(Dale was so excited at capturing this awesome shot!...)

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